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Scott Valley NRG Blocks & Block Captains

Updated: Feb 7, 2023

The below live map shows the different neighborhoods in the Scott Valley Neighborhood Response Group. You can open the map in a new tab by clicking the "View Larger Map" icon in the upper right corner of the map frame. Zoom into the area of the map where your home is located to determine which Block your home is part of.

If your Block is GREEN, it means your Block already has 2 volunteer Block Captains.

If your Block is YELLOW, it means your Block has 1 volunteer Block Captain (and we are looking for another volunteer). If your Block is RED, it means we do not yet have any volunteer Block Captains from your Block. You may click on the Block label to view a description including the number of homes included in that particular Block, the Address range, and the names of the volunteer Block Captains.

If you're interested in learning more or joining your local group, you can email the Southern Marin NRG Coordinator for more information. We're always looking for new volunteers!

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