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5 Simple Steps to Get Ready is the Marin County emergency preparedness website, and they've created a straightforward list of 5 Simple Steps you can use to get more prepared for disasters and emergencies.

Neighborhood Response Group Block Captains are encouraged to share these steps with their neighbors.

Why not work with your community to reach these goals together? Continue reading to find out more about the 5 Simple Steps and how Neighborhood Response Groups can use them.

As a first step, we always recommend signing up for emergency alerts to stay informed. Getting prepared shouldn't be a full time job, though, so pick what works for you and get started!


Get Alerts

In a disaster you need to know what to do, where to go, and when. After you sign up, share these resources with your neighbors, so you all stay informed.

  • AlertMarin tells you when you need to take action to be safe

  • Nixle sends notifications with local information by Zip Code

  • PG&E alerts notify you when a public safety power outage might occur (you can sign up even if you are not an account holder)

Learn more about Alerts & Notifications on


Make a Plan

Know who you will rely on and who relies on you. If a neighbor doesn't have transportation or you need childcare during a disaster, how can you work together to make sure everyone is safer?

  • Establish an out-of-area contact and share your plan with the people you care about

  • Write down important phone numbers (if you lose your cell phone or you can’t charge it)

  • Choose a meeting place in case your family gets separated


Learn how to Make a Plan and print yours today


Pack a Go Bag


Gather supplies and pack a bag to take if you have to evacuate. Start with supplies you have at home and gather what you need. Why not host a Go Bag packing party at your next community event?

  • You may only have minutes to collect items if you have to leave quickly, so pack a Go Bag now

  • Everyone in your household needs a Go Bag, including your pet


Learn to gather supplies and Pack a Go Bag


Assemble a Stay Box

Gather supplies and assemble a box in case you have to shelter at home. (And if you’re home, you can always access your Go Bag!)


After you gather your own supplies to have at home, you can work with your neighbors to create a cache of resources, including first aid supplies, that is accessible to your neighborhood. Start small and do what works for you.

  • Be prepared to shelter in place for 5-7 day

  • Store food, water, extra medications

  • Know how and when to turn off your gas and water

Learn to gather supplies and Assemble a Stay Box


Help friends and neighbors get ready

When a disaster occurs and people need help, neighbors turn to neighbors. If you found your way here, you're already most of the way there. 


Learn about Neighborhood Response Groups across Marin County 

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