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Please Complete Today: Resident Information Form

Greenbrae Hills neighbors, you can help us help you in a disaster by filling out our *revised* Resident Information Form and returning it to, or through your specific NRG contact (see below).

​The new form includes several changes from the one you may have previously completed.  The main difference is that the new one includes a longer list of Equipment Resources and Human Resources that could help us all get through a major earthquake, when first responders will likely be too inundated to immediately respond. 

Greenbrae Hills Neighbors:

You live in Greenbrae Hills if you live on the north side of Sir Francis Drake Blvd across from Marin Catholic High School through Bon Air Shopping Center. 

Table of Contents
1. Why are neighbors organizing?
​2. Upcoming Events for all 7 Greenbrae Hills NRGs (March and April 2019)
3. Which NRG do you live in? Find which neighborhood response group ("NRG") you live in

1.  Why are Greenbrae Hills neighbors organizing?

60% of households in Larkspur, Corte Madera (& Greenbrae -incorporated Larkspur) have formed NRGs. Why?

​We are organizing to help our families and neighbors be better prepared for:
1. Wildfires evacuations
2. Work together to lessen the severity of impact on our community from wildfire or firestorms
3. Prepare to check on all neighbors after a major earthquake and prepare to shelter in place for 5-7 days
4. Ensure asset resilience after a community-wide disaster. 

Because of Greenbrae Hills large size (1250 homes), we formed 7 manageable NRGs of approximately 100-200 homes.

​See below to find out which of the 7 NRGs your house belongs to. Please contact your NRG's volunteers below to learn more (or contact for help). 


​From left to right, the 7 Neighborhood Response Groups (NRGs) are Manor NRG, Vista Grande NRG, Almenar NRG, Altura NRG, La Cuesta NRG, Navarro NRG and Via La Cumbre NRG.

2.  Calendar Updates: Upcoming Meetings 

Each NRG will hold its own regular meetings. Those meeting dates will be posted here as they get scheduled as well as on their own NRG pages. We will post meeting and informational events on social media:

  • the,


  • as well as send emails, flyers, and posters around the neighborhood.

To get direct emails for future meetings and educational events, please email with your name, address, NRG affiliation if you know it, and we will add you to your NRG's email list.

Manor NRG (pink) Please contact Gerd Goette at to learn more about how your neighbors are helping each other get prepared.  Click here to go to Manor NRG's page.

Vista Grande NRG (yellow) Please contact to learn more.  Click here to go to Vista Grande NRG's page.

Almenar NRG (blue) Please contact Ina Gotlieb at to learn more or to get added to the Almenar NRG email list.   Click here to go to Almenar NRG's page.

Altura NRG (red)  Please contact D'vora Tirschwell at to learn more or to get added to the Altura NRG email list.   Click here to go to Altura NRG's page.

La Cuesta NRG (yellow) Please contact Mark Swoiskin at to learn more or to get added to the La Cuesta NRG email list.   Click here to go to La Cuesta NRG's page.

Navarro NRG (green) Please contact Judy Erdberg at to learn more.   Click here to go to the Navarro NRG page.

Via La Cumbre NRG (yellow) Please contact Caren Horstmeyer at, or to learn more or to get added to the Via La Cumbre NRG email list.   Click here to go to Via La Cumbre NRG's page.

3.  Which NRG do you live in?

From Left to Right (East to West) on the map:

Manor NRG


​You live in MANOR NRG if you live on:

  • Manor Rd.

  • Corte Comoda

  • Los Cerros Drive (Houses # 495 - #325 and #480 - #310) houses west of Vista Grande except #295 and #305)

  • Corte Cordova

  • Core Dorado

  • Corte Alegre

  • CorteSereno

Vista Grande NRG

VG NRG Address List_rev120620_WEBSITE.jpg

You live in VISTA GRANDE NRG if you live on:

  • Vista Grande

  • Corte Patencio

  • Corte Almado

  • Tioga Ln

  • Corte Anita

  • CorteBalboa

  • Corte Elena

  • Los Cerros Drive (Houses #295 and #305, #300 - #180) (#295 and houses on the north side of Los Cerros Dr from Vista Grande to #180)

Almenar NRG (in blue)


You live in ALMENAR NRG if you live on: 

  • N. Almenar Dr,

  • Nadina Way

  • Bretano Way (Houses # 49 - # 1 south side of Bretano Way and Houses # 146 - #12 on north side of Bretano Way

  •  #1 La Cuesta Dr

  • Corte Los Sombras

Altura NRG

Screenshot 2023-07-17 at 9.06.20 AM.png

La Cuesta NRG (in pink)


You live in LA CUESTA NRG if you live on:

  • La Cuesta Dr. (except # 1 La Cuesta Dr- go to Almenar NRG)

  • #30 Paseo Way

  • Corte Morada

  • Bretano Way (Houses # 100 - #132 on the south side of Bretano Way) and (Houses # 103 - #131 on the north side of Bretano Way)

  • CorteLoyola

  • Corte Alejo

  • Corte Ramon

  • Via La Paz (except houses south of Via Lerida, i.e., #90, #70, #50, #20, #10, #1, #27, #69, #99 on Via La Paz, please go to Navarro NRG)

Navarro NRG

Navarro NRG Map 7.21.19 FINAL.jpg

You live in NAVARRO NRG if you live on: 

  • Via Navarro 

  • Corte Fedora

  • Corte Toluca

  • Via Barranca

  • Via Lerida

  • Via la Paz cul de sac (south of Via Barranca)

  • Corte Gracitas

  • Bretano Way (Houses #205 -#270)

  • Eliseo Drive (Houses #103-398)

  • Corte de Sabla

  • Corte Cayuga

Via La Cumbre NRG (in yellow)


You live in VIA LA CUMBRE NRG if you live on:

  • Eliseo Dr. ( Houses #5 - #95 on the west side of Eliseo Dr.) and (Houses #10 - #128 on the east side of Eliseo Dr.)

  • Parkside Way

  • Bretano Way (Houses #319 - #365, #300 - #396

  • Via Hermosa

  • Via La Cumbre

  • Corte Placida

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