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NRG Advisory Committee

The NRG Advisory Committee provides guidance and expertise the NRG Program. If you would like to learn more about the Advisory Committee, please contact a member or your NRG Coordinator at
NRG Advisory Committee​:
Suzi Beatie (Mariner Cove)
Lisa Choy (Madera Del Presido)
John Chuharski (Chapman Meadows)
Gerd Goette (Greenbrae Hills - Manor)
Amy Glenn (Lower Chapman)
Lee & John Howard (Mariner Cove)
John Lister (Lower Chapman)
Peter Mazonas (Madrone Canyon)
Robin Moller (Blue Rock)
Tim Mossteller (Palm Hill)
Becky Reed (Madera Gardens)
Ann Shores (Madera Gardens)
Terry Sternberg  (Baltimore Canyon)
Dale Wheeler (Hidden Valley)  ​

What We Do

We are 42 neighborhoods representing close to 10,000 households organized to respond and help each other in the event of major earthquake, flood, or PG&E Power Safety Power Shut-off. We work together to mitigate communal fire risks and to prepare for emergencies. We create community ties to make sure no neighbor is overlooked. We know we are stronger together.

The Central Marin NRG Program Coordinator supports NRG efforts in Corte
Madera, Larkspur and incorporated Greenbrae, unincorporated Greenbrae and Kentfield, CA.

See How It Works to learn about what makes an NRG. 

Why Organize?

In the case of a major earthquake, Marin’s first responders will be overwhelmed. They emphasize that all residents must be prepared to survive (food, water, shelter, medical equipment) for 5-7 days in their homes following a disaster.

The goal of this program is to have every neighborhood in Corte Madera, Larkspur and Greenbrae ready to care for its neighbors until first responders arrive which could take days.  NRGs can help the Marin response effort by sharing local information up the chain of command.
Now that firestorms are also a reality in our area, we need to understand about emergency alerts, how to prepare on high risk fire days and how to escape. As neighbors we can help each other prepare and mitigate fire risks as a community. 

For PG&E Public Safety Power Shutoffs or long stretches without power due to storms, we should prepare for backup power systems if we are vulnerable without power, extreme heat or extreme cold. We should check in on our vulnerable neighbors.

CMNRG Juristiction

​Corte Madera ​CA 94925, population 9,253 (2010 Census)

​Larkspur CA 94939 &
incorporated Greenbrae 94904, population 12,396 (2017 Census)

Kentfield CA 94904, population 6,485 (2010 census)

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