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July 2023

The Navarro NRG is comprised of 225 homes, split between 15 clusters. We have Block Captains for all but one cluster, a 10-person Control Team, and a growing Medical Team for whom we are particularly grateful! All volunteers have radios, allowing us to communicate within the NRG and with CERT if cell towers are down. In short, we’ve made substantial progress in building the human infrastructure and personal connections needed to work together in an actual emergency.

​Residents received a new, improved, information packet in 2022. Packets include information about preparing for fire, shelter-in-place events, and PG&E power outages, signing up for various alerts, modifying your landscape to remove the most fire-prone plantings, ideas for keeping seniors and pets safe and many other things. If you’re new to the neighborhood and need a packet, (or lost track of the one you received!) let us know. We also have extra HELP/OK signs.


The NRG participates in twice-yearly community-wide drills and encourages all residents to actively engage with their Block Captains….to return their resident questionnaire, to place their HELP/OK sign in a window for drills, and to help Block Captains practice skills needed for an actual emergency. The Control Team sets up its Command Center in the Greenbrae School Park, and residents are encouraged to drop by during drills to see what we’re doing. In a real event, we hope those who can help will come to the park. 


Since we can't predict who will be home when a disaster strikes, and shared responsibility is easier for everyone, we continue to seek volunteers. The time commitment is very modest, but the impact for our community could be huge.

If you live within the boundaries of the Navarro NRG (see map below), please reach out to us...for information about what we're doing, to find out how the NRG might be of help to you during an emergency, and to see how you can contribute to this effort of neighbors helping neighbors.  


The Navarro NRG Steering Committee
Judy Erdberg           
Susan Kubanis

Susan Mark 

Tom Sher 

Navarro NRG Map

Navarro NRG Map 7.21.19.jpg
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