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Creating a Simple Block Map

Screenshot 2023-07-16 at 1.36.07 PM.png

NRGs create maps of the geographic boundaries of the NRG community to show which households are included in an NRG as well as to identify the clusters [blocks or zones] by number.  These maps are given to any NRG active response team member, medical team, search and rescue, NRG Command or Control Team (fka Incident Command), including Block Captains. It is typically given to resident members as well. If you want to print a stand alone, one time use map, you can use google maps. If you wish to save the map, and add any additional layers of information, please create a Google "My Maps" (you will need to create an account). 

Google Maps on a desktop or laptop computer browser (not a mobile device browser) will let you zoom in on a geographic area to find parcel #s. Google maps may be an easier product to use for novices. Just click on a parcel and its address will populate. See

Finding street addresses for households in your cluster. For example, if you want to find out the addresses in your NRG or cluster, you could type in "Vista Grande, 94904" on  search field to zoom in on a map of the Vista Grande street in Google maps. Click on the outline of a parcel you want more information, and the street address for that parcel will populate.

How to draw colored outlines in Google Maps. See
tutorial video.

How to add text boxes in google maps. See
tutorial video.

Note well: Make sure you save your map as a .pdf or .jpeg before exiting Google Maps because as a one-time user, you will need to recreate all the work for your map if you log out.

See Google My Maps Tutorial video for a step by step demonstration of map creation. 

Advanced Map Making: Marinmap
For more computer savvy users, is a powerful, free geographic information system for Marin County. There are tutorials available on to create multiple layers of information. The downside is you cannot save maps. You will need to print or save the downloadable file as a pdf or jpeg. Once you exit the marinmap viewer, your data will be lost. You will need to recreate your work. 

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