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The Value of Establishing an NRG

  • A recognized neighborhood has a clearer voice with which to advocate for its benefit. 

  • Neighborhood teams improve the communication between the city and its residents.

  • Your neighborhood will have a clear, organized way to speak to city government with a guarantee you will be heard. You will have a tool for relating directly to both your elected city council and city service areas. 

  • You will connect with your neighbors, and develop opportunities to share viewpoints and resources.

Steps in Starting and NRG

  1. Determine the boundaries of the neighborhood and create a neighborhood map.

  2. Develop a complete list of neighborhood residents (Don’t worry we will help you.)

  3. Discuss neighborhood issues, focusing on emergencies.

  4. Discuss goals, projects and concerns.

  5. Discuss strategies to achieve common goals.

  6. Identify current and potential leaders.

  7. Determine individual skills, talents and willingness to participate.

  8. Determine a convenient time and location for members to attend meetings.

  9. Determine how frequently members would like to meet.

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