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Madrone Canyon

5 NRGs use Madrone Avenue for egress and share one Neighborhood Response Group CT, named, "Madrone Canyon Incident Command Team". These NRGs include Hilltop Loop, Lower Madrone, Olive, Upper Madrone, and Wilson Way. 

Contact Peter Mazonas for more information at

1. Hilltop Loop NRG (Larkspur) is nestled in Baltimore Canyon off of Madrone Avenue.

2. Lower Madrone NRG includes 100 homes near the entrance to Madrone/Baltimore Canyon. Established in 2015, we are preparing for "the big one" and also for wildfire. We conduct earthquake drills twice a year at daylight savings time. We also organize the annual Community Wildfire Preparedness Day event in Dark Park on the first Saturday in May.

Join our volunteer steering committee!  We have meetings 6-7 times/year, and it's a great way to meet neighbors, learn about this area, and get invited to our annual holiday party for volunteers.  

To learn what cluster your home is in, connect with your block captain, or attend a steering committee meeting, email     

-Amanda, Greg, Sue, Jody, Eric, Larry, Stephanie, Katie, Michael, Carmen, Helaine, and Iris

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3. Olive NRG

4. Upper Madrone NRG

5. Wilson Way NRG

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