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Welcome to the Tam Valley Neighborhood Response Group Network!

Tamalpais Valley has 15 different Neighborhood Response Groups (NRG), influenced by the Mutual Threat Zones identified by Marin County Fire Service, and further defined by topography and local neighborhood characteristics,

as well as the footprint of the Tamalpais Community Services District. The majority of the Neighborhood Response Groups have between 200 and 300 residences each.

Each NRG has multiple Clusters, made up of 10-20 homes and/or businesses, and each Cluster has one or two Block Captains. 

Where do you fit in?


Below is a list of the Neighborhood Response Groups in Tamalpais Valley. Some areas are already very active, while others are just getting started. We can always use new Block Captains! Feel free to contact the the Steering Committee (read more below) or the Southern Marin NRG Coordinator

to find out more.

Birdland/Kay Park
Green Glen
Loring/West California
Marin Drive
Marin View
Morning Sun

Pine Crest
Pine Hill East
Pine Hill West
Tam Junction
Tennessee Valley

Tam Valley Neighborhood Response Group Map


You can open the map in a new tab by clicking the "View Larger Map" icon           in the upper right corner of the map frame. If you zoom into the NRG and cluster where your home is, you will see the number of your cluster (such as “MD-12” which stands for Marin Drive NRG, Cluster #12).  If you click on your parcel, you will see a pop-up identifying your address, NRG name and cluster ID#.  

Meet the Tam Valley NRG Steering Committee


Guiding the development of Tam Valley’s Neighborhood Response Group Network is the Steering Committee. You can email the Steering Committee directly to find out how to get involved in your area. Read more about our Tam Valley Steering Committee volunteers below.

Ted Barone

Pam Keon

Frank Leidman

Rob Rowlands

Lee Buddish

Fred Silverman

Tam Valley Sea Level Rise Task Force


The Tam Valley Sea Level Rise Task Force is part of the Tam Valley Neighborhood Response Group and was created

to address the impact of sea level rise and flooding on the Tam Valley community. Adapting to climate impact is an important part of building a resilient neighborhood. Read more and follow the latest news on the Tam Valley Sea Level Rise Task Force page.

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