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Radio Communications in Disasters

Updated: Feb 7, 2023

Presented by David Blaza and Rob Rowlands

In the aftermath of a large-scale earthquake, during a Planned Safety Power Outage, or even wide-spread flooding what happens when our infrastructure - cellular and landline - stops working? Remember the loss of cell service during the 2019 PSPS? How can you communicate without cell service, WiFi or landlines for a week or more, particularly if our roads are inaccessible?

David Blaza, Tam Valley NRG Network Steering Committee member, Pine Hill West NRG Block Captain, and CERT, and Rob Rowlands, Waterview NRG Block Captain, are both licensed radio operators and active in the Marin County Sheriff’s Radio Amateur Civil Emergency Service (RACES.) During this presentation they introduce the Family Radio Service used by Block Captains and neighbors to communicate in the event of a serious disaster which has disabled our normal systems.

The presentation is followed by a question and answer session. In response to requests of the attendees, we look forward to hosting a “field training” in the near future.

Click the below cover image to open the slides in a new window.

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