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Instructions for OK/HELP Signs

The HELP/OK signs are used for Shelter-in-Place disasters, such as large-scale earthquakes, and are also used for the twice-annually Time Change Drills.

Click the below image to open the PDF in a new window where you can download and print your own signs, or email out to the Southern Marin Neighborhood Response Group Coordinator at for larger quantities.

  1. Please print out both the Help sign and the OK sign on 8” x 11.5” paper.

  2. Tape or glue one of the signs on each side of something firm such as a piece of cardboard. This makes it possible for you to prop the sign in a window or another visible location.

  3. On the day of our twice-yearly HELP/OK Time Change drills, please post your sign in a window that’s visible from the street, on your front door, at your mailbox, on your garage, on your gate, or in any other location that is visible from the street before 10:00 am. Feel free to show either the “Help” side or the “OK” side in a drill.

  4. Between 10:00 am and 11:00 am, Block Captains will be walking the neighborhoods to practice checking for signs.

  5. After 11:00 am, please remove your sign and place it with your Go Bag so that it’s easy to find during an actual emergency event.

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