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Welcome to the Almonte Neighborhood Response Group!

Almonte is an unincorporated neighborhood near Mill Valley with around 800 households and 1,700 residents. Tucked behind Tamalpais High School and nestled between Homestead and Tam Valley, the neighborhood stretches from Almonte Boulevard uphill to Mt. Tam School and across the Ethel Avenue behind Whole Foods on Miller Avenue.

Where do you fit in?


Almonte is one of the newer Neighborhood Response Groups and always looking for new recruits.


The Almonte District Clubhouse on Wisteria Way is the Neighborhood Command Post where Block Captains will gather and report  after emergencies. Thank you to the Almonte District Improvement Club for their support.

Feel free to contact the Southern Marin NRG Coordinator to find out more about what's happening in your area and how to get involved.

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Almonte Neighborhood Response Group Map


The below map outlines the Almonte Neighborhood Response Group. Click on the shaded areas to view the main group overview, current number of Block Captains, and more details. These Block Captains will be covering their local neighborhood, not the entire NRG. The more coverage we develop, the more prepared the whole community will be.


You can open the map in a new tab by clicking the "View Larger Map" icon           in the upper right corner of the map frame.

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