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NRGs practice twice a year when the clocks change, on Daylights Savings Day, in Autumn and Spring. 

NRGs practice response drills to prepare for a neighborhood response after a major shelter-in-place event such as a big earthquake or flood. Some NRGs, especially hillside communities, may elect to practice an evacuation drill, but evacuation drills need not be on Daylight Savings Day Drills. Testing communication lines to Central Marin CERT Command Post and with others within your NRG or neighboring NRGs is reserved for these program-wide drill days. If your NRG chooses to practice an evacuation drill on one of the Daylight Savings Days, please make sure you test your communication lines to Central Command CERT as well.

Newer NRGs may shadow other NRGs at other NRG CT locations to see how a neighborhood team response would run. 

Other NRGs may practice simple radio tests for its NRG CT, its block captains, contacting neighboring NRG CTs and test communication links to the Central Marin Command Post.

In addition to testing radio communications inside the NRG and to CERT Command and other NRGs, more experienced NRGS may practice how to respond simulated incidents.

CERT teams within NRG can practice self-activation and practice responding to CERT elevated incidents. 

Medical teams can practice communications or simulated incidents.  Or coordinating access and deployment of medical supplies, accessing medical supply trailers, etc.

Central Marin CERT Command Post participates in the CMNRG radio drills as well from one of two locations (Nordstrom Annex Parking Lot or Corte Madera South Parking Lot). 

The following guide outlines preparing for your first or next drill with a three-month timeframe. 

NRG Wide Drill March 2022

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